i-CABLE Internship Programme

i-CABLE is dedicated to the growth of its employees. Its internship programme provides university students with opportunities to work in different departments, learn from experienced staff and gain valuable working experience.
"We found ourselves expanding our capabilities constantly with the team’s excellent coaching, and the top management team were always keen to share their professional advice." ─  i-CABLE interns
Karis Lam, Claudia Yue , Jasmine Miu
Strategy and Transformation Team
Working in an outstanding integrated communications listed company like i-CABLE gave us invaluable corporate experience. Innovation and transparency were embraced in their human-centric culture, which granted us confidence to share our ideas. We were fortunate enough to be a part of the amazing Strategy and Transformation team, from which we learnt how to effectively identify industry trends using design thinking, and come up with new business strategies.  

The diversity of our tasks had been challenging yet rewarding: from television production and revenue projection to data analysis, devising marketing campaigns and participating in press conferences, having hands-on experience on a wide range of projects filled us with a great sense of responsibility. We found ourselves expanding our capabilities constantly with the team’s excellent coaching, and the top management team was always keen to share their professional advice. Working here was surrounded by love and care.  

We would like to thank the colleagues of i-CABLE for guiding us through our internship journey with their kindness, professionalism, and expertise; and for granting us this rewarding experience of playing a part in the company’s transformation.
Grace Lau, James Yu
MIS department
It is our pleasure to have had our internship at i-CABLE. During these 2 months, in this finite time, we met a lot of experienced colleagues in MIS department. They showed us various technologies which can only be seen in a broadband company. They taught us different computer components and introduced servers to run the systems. As some technical knowledge was difficult to grasp, they explained everything with patience, ensuring we got the gist. Our colleagues also shared their admirable experiences with us, which made us feel assimilated into the i-CABLE family. Apart from that, our supervisor gave us opportunities to assist other departments, allowing us to not only gain a deeper understanding of IT but also widen our horizons. In addition to acquiring new technological knowledge, we also learn interpersonal skills and how to better manage our time.  

We feel very fortunate to have had our internship here. Meeting new people and witnessing how a media business operates has been a tremendous opportunity for us. We would like to express our gratitude to our supervisor and colleagues, for showing us kindness and making our summer so worthwhile.
Kwok Paak Hin
Network Operations Centre
I completed my i-CABLE internship at the Network Operation Centre, where my duty was to focus on helping the department migrate their old records to an upgraded system.  

I am grateful to be here as an intern since my colleagues were nice and always keen to give me a helping hand. The atmosphere at i-CABLE was joyful and vibrant, where colleagues were enthusiastic about teaching me how to handle data migration. I have also learnt project management skills like project scheduling, and acquired practical IT knowledge which was beyond my school curriculum.  

Also, I felt that my colleagues were very considerate and thoughtful. To release my tension on my first reporting day, they thought of some ideas which could help me get familiar with the job environment. In sum, my work experience at i-CABLE was fun, enriching, and fulfilling; and I am most content with the new knowledge that I acquired here.
Kenneth Siu Ngo
Legal and Regulatory Department
As an intern in the legal department of an integrated communications company, I had the opportunity to learn legal issues that would not be taught in universities. Through reading and analysing various materials, such as broadcasting ordinances, competition ordinances, unified carrier licence etc, I was able to enhance and sharpen my research skills. Conducting legal research is also an interesting method to understand the operation of an influential TV station.

Furthermore, I was required to report my findings in the form of PowerPoint to various departments. This valuable opportunity allowed me to train my presentation and communication skills. I could also rectify my shortcomings after listening to the feedback given by my supervisor and colleagues.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my supervisor and colleagues, who guided me through challenges and obstacles with their professionalism and benevolence. The two months I spent working here became an unforgettable experience in my life.