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i-CABLE Communications Limited owns and operates one of the near-universal wireline telecommunications networks in Hong Kong, over which it provides television, broadband, telecommunications and multi-media services to well over two million households.​

We care deeply about Hong Kong and are dedicated to enhancing the connection to local communities.

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Our Vision

To bring inspiration and empower people to live a more positive and happy life.

Our Mission

To provide connected experience through seamlessly integrating exceptional content and engagement.

Our Values

Authenticity, Credibility, Diversity, Excellence
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2.5 Million

The Group’s three free TV channels, include HOY International Business Channel (Channel 76), HOY TV (Channel 77), HOY Infotainment (Channel 78), broadcast 24 hours a day with high-definition digital broadcasting, to bring Hong Kong families choices of quality programmes, new knowledge, and new perspectives.

2.3 Million

Over 2 million households covered by our network in Hong Kong are connected to our HFC network.

Diversified Business

The Group is dedicated to providing diversified and high-quality media and telecommunications operations to the public.
The media segment includes,
  • Three free TV channels, HOY International Business Channel (Channel 76), HOY TV (Channel 77), HOY Infotainment (Channel 78)
  • Multi-media platforms
  • TV advertising and MTR In-train TV advertising
The telecommunications segment includes,
  • Broadband internet access service
  • Network construction
  • Mobile service and mobile agency service