The Group began to develop a second core business with the formation of a new business unit in January 1999 to develop advanced applications for our fibre coaxial network and to capitalise on the rapidly growing number of Internet users in Hong Kong. The Broadband internet access service was delivered via the Group's Internet Protocal (IP) overlay network, deploying cable-modem based technology. The Group's clear edge in rapid rollout and its well-established marketing and service provisioning infrastructure have enabled the Group to become one of Hong Kong's two clear leaders of Broadband service provision.

Leveraging on the Group's the pay-TV content, the unit has developed new media content to generate additional income. They include portals on news, sports, horse racing, stocks and adult entertainment. In addition, the Group is one of the leading video suppliers to mobile operators in Hong Kong.

The Group also provides local VoIP service to the residential market, utilizing the hybrid fiber coaxial, cable network for core and last-mile signal transmission. The local VoIP service enables subscribers to make and receive calls using traditional telephone handsets connected to a voice-enabled cable modem.