December 2016 Pay TV Licence of CABLE TV Renewed for 12 Years
May 2016 Fantastic TV Receives the Free TV Licence from Government
April 2016 CABLE TV the First PAY TV to Achieve ISO 9001 & ISO 10002 Certifications for Its Quality After-sales Services and Quality Management íV Customer Satisfaction
January 2016 CABLE TV News Platform Goes HD
August 2015 CABLE TV Brings Hong Kong Viewers over 200 Live Bundesliga Matches Per Season
July 2015 HK Cable News Express Continues to be the Exclusive Commercial Airtime Sales Distributor & Content Provider of MTR's "Newsline Express"
March 2015 Pearl River Channel on CABLE TV
January 2014 CABLE TV HK International Track Cup
October 2013 Fantastic TV obtained in-principle approval to operate free TV
October 2012 CABLE TV Screens Top BPL Action in 3D Cinemas - Chelsea VS Man. Utd. on Oct. 28
July 2012 As Official Broadcaster of the London 2012 Olympics, i-CABLE brings the Games to Hong Kong in extensive and unprecedented live coverage in digital (3D/HD/SD), analogue and Internet live-streaming formats spanning pay TV, free TV, mobile and fixed networks throughout the 17 days starting 27 July 2012.
May 2012 UEFA Champions League Final 3D Live in Cinemas
February 2012 CABLE TV Goes Mobile
January 2012 CABLE TV Airs Barclays Premier League in 3D
December 2011 "Newsline Express" Extended to MTR Kwun Tong Line
August 2011 Watch UEFA Super Cup on the go with 'Joemud?'
August 2011 i-CABLE Launches First iPhone App - Joemud?
April 2011 i-CABLE renews UEFA Champions League, Europa League rights to 2015
November 2010 First-ever High-Definition Asian Games coverage in Hong Kong
August 2010 BPL returns to CABLE TV - new BPL packs boost 3 HD & 6 SD channels
June 2010 CABLE TV inaugurates 2010 HD World Cup Carnival
February 2010 i-CABLE delivers Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games on both television and Internet platforms
January 2010 i-CABLE confirms that an application for a Domestic Free TV Programme Service Licence in HK has been submitted
November 2009 i-CABLE acquires Premier League broadcasting rights for the three football seasons commencing August 2010
May 2008 Free broadcast of i-CABLE Olympics programmes by over 800 WiFi hotspots
March 2008 i-CABLE scores double-barrel shots with Top UEFA Tournaments for three football seasons
December 2007 CABLE TV leads DTT conversion programme
October 2007 i-CABLE opens retail stores in prime locations.
August 2007 Announces clean sweep of major international sports events up to 2012, including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League.
August 2007 Integrated call centre in Guangzhou opened to enhance customer services.
June 2007 Launch of Cable No 1 Channel, covering news, movies, sports, financial news updates, documentaries and prime time dramas.
June 2006 Holds World Cup Carnival as official broadcaster for the second time
February 2006 Premiere of first major movie production "49 Days"
November 2005 Launches popular Korean online game in Hong Kong
July 2005 Launches imusic to provide music lovers with legal download platform
July 2005 Launches innovative news and advertising medium on KCRC trains
May 2005 Enters China's massive mobile phone market as first content provider from Hong Kong
April 2005 Cable News celebrates 100,000 hours of non-stop broadcast
March 2005 Officially kicks off film venture with launch of Sundream Motion Pictures Ltd.
October 2003 Celebrates 10th anniversary of Pay TV service
July 2003 Entertainment News Channel Launched
April 2003 Horizon Channel granted limited landing right in China
June 2002 Exclusive live broadcast of 2002 FIFA World Cup
April 2002 Launch of fully digitised news production centre, first in Hong Kong
December 2001 Achieved sevenfold increase in annual net profit. Activated first digital broadcasting site in Stanley
August 2001 Commenced digital broadcasting migration plan
February 2001 Cable modem ready homes passed 1 million
December 2000 First annual net profit achieved
March 2000 i-CABLE Broadband Service formally launched, using cable modem technology
January 2000 Received FTNS licence
November 1999 i-CABLE Communications Limited successfully listed on Nasdaq in the US and Hong Kong Stock Exchange
October 1999 Hong Kong Cable announced acquisition of exclusive rights to broadcast live 2002 FIFA World Cup in Hong Kong
May 1999 i-CABLE Communications Limited incorporated
March 1999 i-CABLE dial-up Internet access service launched
January 1999 Launched Multimedia Services unit
October 1998 Renamed Hong Kong Cable at 5th anniversary of station launch
May 1998 HFC network passed 600,000 homes, achieved last milestones under subscription television licence
July 1997 Obtained 73% growth of viewership from 96-97, became one of Hong Kong's top five media
September 1995 Completed fibre trunk; HFC conversion programme began
October 1994 Launched Cineplex pay-per-view service; introduced adult television programming to Hong Kong
October 1993 Hong Kong Cable went on air with eight channels; the world's first 24-hour Cantonese news channel launched
June 1993 Hong Kong Cable (formerly Wharf Cable) awarded a 12-year licence
July 1992 Hong Kong Government invited tenders for subscription television licence