i-CABLE Wishes You Good Days!

i-CABLE Communications Limited owns and operates one of the near-universal wireline telecommunications networks in Hong Kong, over which it provides television, broadband, telecommunications and multi-media services to well over two million households.

We care deeply about Hong Kong and are dedicated to enhancing the connection to local communities.



The Group's free TV channel Hong Kong Open TV broadcasts 24 hours a day with high-definition digital broadcasting. It is an open information platform, provides programmes spanning news, entertainment shows, travelogues, lifestyle and leisure programmes and popular dramas, it also focuses on providing and producing high-quality infotainment programmes. It hopes to bring Hong Kong families choices of quality programmes, new knowledge and new perspectives. It cares deeply about Hong Kong and is dedicated to enhancing the connection to local communities.


Over 2 million households covered by our network in Hong Kong are connected to our HFC network but we still retain a microwave trunk transmission system to serve a small number of subscribers in remote areas of the territory.

Diversified Business

Hong Kong Cable Enterprises Limited (HKCE) is the Exclusive Commercial Airtime Sales Distributor of Fantastic TV & i-CABLE Channels.

Riding on the established brands of the i-CABLE Communications Limited and CABLE TV, HKCE is set up to add value to the business of the Group.


In addition to Fantastic TV & i-CABLE Channels, HKCE also acts as advertising sales distributor for i-cable.com website and mobile app.